Women Cents

Connect. Educate. Give.

Our mission is simple. We connect the community of Red Wing by educating members on issues that affect our community and encourage giving time, talent, money, knowledge to find a solution.

ed them on a national issue and how it affects us locally, and raise funds to help deserving local nonprofits by raising funds and donating 100% of all proceeds given. Twice a year we meet to bring together our supporters, educate between individuals and Women Cents fills the gap nonprofit charities.


Our membership is free and open to all.

Making a Difference

Connecting women in the community to work together, take action and make a difference.

We do what we do to make a difference in the community by drawing attention to national issues and needs facing children and families, and bringing it local by connecting it to local nonprofits and citizens. Whether the need is one of financial, of time, of knowledge or of talent, we work to fulfill these basic needs though our members and local nonprofits.

What We Know

In 2002, a group of Red Wing women got together to make an impact in the community. The goal was simple: if everyone gives a little, the impact can be big. The solution was even simpler: connect these women, educate them on a local issue, and encourage them to donate $20.

Originally Women Cents provided education on a problem and donating funds to help find the solution. Women Cents still is dedicated to connecting women and provide education on local issues, however our task has changed.

We want to see you at our events. We want to hear your stories. We want you to take action to find a solution. We ask of you to give of your time, talent, money or knowledge.

The success of Women Cents has allowed local children and families to:

  • Connect and share their stories
  • Access Food, Shelter and Housing
  • Participate in after school programs and activities
  • Celebrate birthdays and special events
  • Access lunch money, hats, mittens, school supplies and more

We know this much: we have made an impact in Red Wing.

Women Cents has raised more than $50,000 over the past 14 years for local nonprofits. We have also educated our members and people who attend our events about the needs of the community in regards to children and families.

There is no other organization that has as a small volunteer board allowing us the flexibility to meet immediate needs as they occur. Not just a philanthropic organization, we also strive to educate our community about the needs of families and children and help connect the two. 100% of donations are directly donated to the service agency in need.

Taking Action

Educating women in Red Wing to take action.

Twice a year, we bring women together to learn about national challenges and how they affect children and families in Red Wing. The goal of these events is to bring awareness and support of a local nonprofit service agency. Our members can give a free will monetary donation and know that 100% of the monies raised goes directly to the recipient agency. We also promote ongoing involvement through volunteerism, advocacy, and talent as requested by the agencies.

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